“I felt so many emotions when I listened to Marsha Foster Boyd’s “HEALING ON THE JOURNEY: CATALYST CONVERSATIONS TO SHINE LIGHT ON YOUR PATH” CD set. Wow, her words really hit home! I was crying several times and laughing at other times. Oh, to have heard these words earlier in life! I believe God has directed her to reach out and touch others with her insight.”

- Jamie Kashon, ChurchAVS.com, Houston, Texas

2-CD set “Healing on the Journey: Conversations to Shine Light on Your Path”. This compilation is a matter of the heart. Marsha felt it was time to tell her stories so others could learn from her challenges and her joys. She calls them “Catalyst Conversations” because she wants you to enter the journey with her to be inspired, and to know that you can do more than survive – you can thrive! She takes her time in the telling so that you feel you are experiencing each scenario with her. Then the questions are: What would you have done? Or, how did you handle this situation in your own life? We learn that there is healing in the telling of our stories. Come along and listen . . .

This 2-CD set “Healing on the Journey: Conversations to Shine Light on Your Path” will serve as a guide as you walk toward the fullest expression of yourself. 

$20 plus shipping

Thank you for the "Healing on the Journey: Catalyst Conversations to shine light on your Path" CD set. There is so much I want to say and I am afraid it would take forever to articulate my feelings, but your CD's gave me hope and joy. They confirmed that I AM on the right track. Listening to your CD's was like lying on a couch and having you walk me through my life and the lives of others that are close to me. YOUR conversations spoke to me: 'You are on a Journey to healing; keep looking into the light.' I felt the voice of the Lord speak through you. I love the CD's - the best investment I've made in a long time. Thank you!"

~ Barbara Dean Franklin, BD FRANKLY SPEAKING, LLC, Global Communicator/Mentor